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Little Dreamers (6 weeks - 16 months)


In Little Dreamers the children are aged between 6 weeks and 16 months, although we will always consider the individual needs and stage of development of the child.

Children develop quickly in the Early Years and are born ready, able and eager to learn.  We have a sensory approach to support children in this group as children of this age have a natural instinct to explore and investigate objects and people around them through their senses.

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The room also provides space and suitable furniture and resources to support and encourage children as they learn to walk.

The room is divided into 2 areas, one side of the room is dedicated to rest and relaxation with soft furnishings and cots for children to sleep.  The larger side of the room is used for meal times, creative/messy play and large physical activities.

We introduce the children to a variety of activities that support all aspects of the children’s development within the three prime areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage including the introduction of heuristic baskets which consist of a variety of everyday objects of varying textures to provide opportunities for the children to explore and investigate their environment. 

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It is through these sensory experiences and positive relationships that children begin to learn and develop. The staff team work closely with the parent’s/carers to follow the child’s familiar routines from home to support the settling in process for the child. 

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