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My First Friends Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Policy

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) is the basis of all practices and procedures including both the education of children, and the welfare of all service users.

Key Person

Every child who attends the setting is assigned a key person, for further information on the key person approach in the setting please refer to the key person policy.

Education (Planning)

Within the setting we support the children’s Learning and Development from the time the children register with us at the setting and throughout their time here. We have ensured that our practices and procedures promote and provide for all aspects of the children’s Learning and Development.

We do this within the setting by implementing a continuous planning cycle that starts when the children join the nursery. The practitioners meet with the parents and children at the settling in sessions prior to the children starting to familiarise themselves with the child and their family. During these sessions we obtain any other information in relation to their Learning and Development, such as likes and dislikes, special educational needs and interests that will support this transition.

This approach supports the practitioner in planning effectively for the children’s development in their first weeks at the setting. From this point the practitioners will observe the child and how they interact with their peers and adults to assess what level of development they are working within to enable practitioners to appropriately plan for the child working towards that we can focus on and develop moving forward.

At the end of each day the practitioner carrying out the focus activity will evaluate how the activity went, for example; was it enjoyed by the children, did the activity support the children in achieving the outcome? was there any unexpected outcomes achieved by the children?, what was observed about the children to enable them to effectively plan and put in place the next steps activities and opportunities that will extend the children’s Learning and Development further?. This is a continuous cycle.


To ensure that we are continually monitoring the children’s  development and planning effectively to meet all individual children’s needs, we have in place a variety of different procedures that support us in doing this:

  • Each quarter the key persons use the children’s learning journeys to assess the children’s level of development at that time, this information is recorded in graph format so that at a glance it identifies where the children’s strengths are and also any areas that they would benefit from additional support. This also helps each room to look collectively at this information and is used to support the mid term planning for the children.
  • Key Person Interviews are completed prior to the children starting the setting where they discuss the child’s Learning and Development, and any additional needs that have been identified, in which case the setting based Special Educational Needs Coordinator would become involved at this early stage to identify other agencies involved and plan how we can support the child’s transition into the setting. We also discuss how we aim to meet all children’s needs through the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.
  • Moving up questionnaires and transfer documents are completed each time a child moves into the next group. These are completed with the Parents to ensure that all information is updated and the planning process in place remains effective as they progress through the nursery.
  • The setting carries out a check on all children within the setting between the age of 2 and 3 years which is designed to monitor the children’s development and enable the practitioners and parents to plan together effectively to meet the child’s individual needs. This is carried out with the parent/carers at a time that is convenient and suitable for this assessment to take place. This is recorded in writing, parent /carers and the setting have a copy of this.
  • We hold a parents evening twice a year where parents have the opportunity to meet with the child’s key person and discuss how they are developing at nursery and how both the practitioners and the parents can support the child’s development moving forward.

Welfare Requirements

The setting has in place full and effective policies and procedures to safeguard children, employees and visitors from harm as far as it is reasonably practicable. Please refer to Health and Safety files for further information.

For further information about the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum either speak to a member of the staff team or alternatively visit: www.education.gov.uk/publications