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Settling In

Attending a new nursery – or even a nursery for the first time – can be an emotional wrench for both you and your child. Because we appreciate how upsetting this time can be, we offer “settling in” periods, when you and your child can come and spend time with us and adjust to the new surroundings. During this time we will ask you about your child’s routine, any likes and dislikes, and their dietary requirements.

We’ll also gather information on sleep patterns, play and general behaviour. If you’re potty training your child, we will work alongside you to support your child through this time. 

All these questions help us to follow your home routine closely, making their time with us as enjoyable for them and worry-free for you as possible.

To make their time in the setting as enjoyable as possible we encourage lots of play based learning opportunities such as a foreign languages teacher who comes to work with the children once a week. We also have a qualified forest school teacher who takes the children to the local children centre to access their forest school site once a week to support the children’s outdoor learning experiences.

All of the above extracurricular activities are included within the cost.